Synthetic Ice

GT Performance Hockey is proud to be the first business in Manitoba to provide training on a a large sheet of synthetic ice.

Synthetic Ice Training


GT Performance offers individual private instruction for your player.  Each session is 1 hour in duration.

As parents, we all see areas for improvement in our player’s game, private instruction is a great way for your player to get the instruction they may not get during a practice, where the coach is focused on overall team improvements, and less focused on your player’s wrist shot, cross overs, pivots, passing & receiving of pucks, one-timers, etc.


Semi private sessions are for small groups (2-4 players) who want to improve a particular skill as a small group. As in private sessions, the goal is to improve on a player’s skills and develop new abilities with increased repetition so it becomes ingrained into muscle memory.

Semi private sessions allow for some live play among peers, rather than the instructor. We suggest joining with similarly skilled players so that each player can get the most out of the sessions.


Group (6-8 participants) or Team  Training is an excellent way to involve many in skill development.

One session (1 hour) would be dedicated to an individual skill (stick handling, pivots, backward crossovers, wrist shot, one timers, etc.).  The programming will be specific, the instructor will break down the skill into its individual components and have the players perform a progression of the technique in order to improve the skill as a whole.

  • Loving it and learning a bunch…

    Just wanted to say the coaches you have running the Sunday night skating drills are fantastic! My kids are loving it and learning a whole bunch. They do not let my kids get away with poor effort or technique, which makes me happy too!


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