Private Training Sessions (5/10 Pack)


45 min to 1 hour private sessions:

Five (5) Sessions $375.00

Ten (10) Sessions $700.00


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GT Performance offers individual private instruction for your player. Each session is 45 mins – 1 hour in duration.

As parents, we all see areas for improvement in our player’s game, private instruction is a great way for your player to get the instruction they may not get during a practice, where the coach is focused on overall team improvements, and less focused on your player’s wrist shot, cross overs, pivots, passing & receiving of pucks, one-timers, etc.

We will address, correct, teach, correct and have the player repeat the skill until he/she has mastered it. We then introduce the skill into live situations to further ingrain it into muscle memory where it becomes automatic. We also insist on teaching skills to players in an engaging and fun atmosphere. Your player will look forward to the sessions!