Agility Danglers System

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Our Agility Danglers offer many many benefits that will improve core hockey skills. With 100% solid steel construction and a sturdy base, the Agility Danglers are near indestructible.  Used as a system, they greatly enhance a coach’s ability to teach skills, concepts and tactics.

Improves hand-eye coordination, foot speed, edge work & agility along with basic & advanced puck handling skills with our Agility Danglers. They can be used for training at any level (Initiation through to elite / pro)  and can be adapted with attachments to make them multi-purpose.

This system is used to improve core skills but also to improve situational awareness and game awareness.  They can be used to simulate shot lanes, seams and passing lanes.

  • New Attack Triangle system
  • Base (w/anchor points) allows for 3 + sticks and/or attachments
  • 2 rings at 3″ & 5″ to attach accessories (bungee cords & extensions)
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Steel composition – powder coated (no rust)
  • Patent pending
  • Made locally in Manitoba
  • Available for annual leasing by teams / associations

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